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Engineer, Procure & Construct (EPC)
EPC Services

As an EPC provider, Matrix Technologies can manage all aspects of your project, from planning engineering and design, procurement, all subcontracting, site and project logistics, all the way through startup and commissioning, training, and documentation. Our experienced project and construction managers follow our documented processes to complete projects on schedule and within the established budget.

Matrix Technologies has successfully developed complex EPC projects for the Food and Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Chemical, Metals, Oil/Gas/Refining, Feed/Grain/Oilseed, and Aggregates and Mining industries, as well as other industrial manufacturers.

EPC projects, while similar to design-build or turnkey, have the benefit of being led by an engineering firm that understands the needs of a high-functioning manufacturing plant. A designer-led EPC project can provide all the benefits people expect from engineering firms, while providing the benefit of efficient and expert project execution with reliable construction partners. Matrix Technologies has been a valuable partner to our clients for EPC engagements for many years across multiple industries.

With in-depth experience in project design, engineering, and construction, our proven project delivery methodology, and our ability to understand the needs of your business, we can prevent problems caused by missed scope, improper design details, tight schedules, or budget concerns.

Progressive EPC Practice

Our Progressive EPC practice follows our clients’ stage gate approvals to ensure a well-planned and cohesive project. Each phase shown in the diagram typically corresponds to a stage gate and provides budgeting and cost of a project as the design develops. Following this method ensures that every aspect of project is developed and understood and removes unknowns that result in budget overruns.

Contact us to see how the Progressive EPC methodology can benefit your project and how well it fits your project process.

Comprehensive Construction Management

As a full-service engineering firm with EPC contract capability, Matrix Technologies maintains a full-time staff of construction management personnel. These resources are available as part of a project we execute for our customers or as a stand-alone service.

Making our construction managers an early part of your project brings together the design and construction team at the start of the process, yielding the most efficient and constructable design. Incorporating constructability concerns into the design process will help minimize additional costs due to unknowns and help develop an efficient installation plan. Early engagement also provides our construction managers with insight into the project plan and helps them to guide contractors and execute the project according to that plan.

Our construction managers can also be engaged to help you execute projects that are internally developed. Bringing them on for the execution phase will provide on-site management services that are an extension of your management structure. Our construction managers will take control of contractor management, ensure quality of construction, manage requests for information, document progress, and assist with change order management. Our construction managers will become a valuable asset in the execution of your projects.

Integrated Solutions Partnership

Matrix Technologies can assist our client partners with manpower when schedules are tight, and the additional staff is not available. Matrix has several project managers that can be embedded within your staff, work through your processes, and lead the projects that need immediate attention.

Our integrated solutions team of project managers and project engineers are experienced in multiple methods of project execution. Having worked in industry, they are familiar with stage gate approvals, and will function as a part of your team to help move those back burner projects forward. Contact us to see how we can help.

Engineering Services

  • Process Engineering
  • Piping and Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil and Site Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architecture
  • MEP Engineering
  • Electrical Power and Controls
  • Programming and Automation
  • Business Systems Integration

Procurement Services

  • Major Equipment Specification
  • Major Equipment Bidding and Selection
  • Purchasing, Receiving and Tracking
  • Instrument Specification and Procurement
  • Major Electrical Equipment Procurement
  • Cash Flow Analysis

Construction Services

  • Contracted Installation Partners
  • Construction Management
  • Plant Commissioning and Startup
  • Site Management
  • Plant Coordination

Regarding the PLC Conversion, let's focus on the Matrix response for a moment here. Your Indiana Team has been at this non-stop and at all hours trying to help us resolve what's going on. That's commitment in my eyes, that's a partnership move.

Technology Engineer

Major Grain Company

I wouldn't change a thing about this relationship, Matrix has a strong track record of project success with us.

Project Engineering Manager

Major Grain Company

Matrix presents very well, we are going to work good together. I have some programming needs upcoming, I am excited to work with the team.

Plant Engineering Manager

Chemical Company

All I can say is WOW! I have not had the chance to work with Matrix directly until this project. You have a great operation going on over there. Thank you for all your time and outstanding work so far!

Design Engineer

Food Customer

I’m so impressed by your engineer’s performance that I’d like to keep him and two other Matrix engineers busy with project work 100% of the time.

Electrical Engineer

Chemical Customer

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