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Ability vs. Availability: Outsourcing Engineering
Danny Henderson, PMP,
Operations Manager

A common thread that runs through the requests we receive from our clients is, “We would do this project ourselves, but we’re slammed with other work.” Of course, that “other work” is doing the day-to-day tasks necessary to get product out of the door. As a lot of us at Matrix Technologies, myself included, came from the manufacturing world we understand that if you don’t get product out the door the company doesn’t get paid. So clearly, that’s where the focus lies.

In past decades, an average plant could have a fairly sizeable engineering team. However, that hasn’t been reality for a very long time. Plants in the modern era are typically staffed very lean for production only, not for projects. And, it’s not uncommon for an engineer who retires or resigns to not be replaced, thus making the engineering staff even leaner.

So, how do the plant projects get completed successfully in a focused timeframe? We all have the same time restrictions of 24 hours a day. We can’t make more. But we can get help. And that’s where Matrix Technologies comes in. We understand that your challenges often boil down to availability, not ability. You know your plant very well. You know how to make your product very well. You also know, very well, that you cannot create more time.

So, when you need that help Matrix Technologies is here for you. What is your need?

  • Relocate a line?
  • Automate an existing manual system?
  • Upgrade an obsolete control system?
  • Project management assistance?
  • Add an entire new manufacturing facility?
  • Update some drawings?
  • Integrate multiple stand-alone systems?
  • Create a scan of your production area to establish a real-world model?
  • Construction management oversight?
  • Develop request for quote (RFQ) documents?
  • Develop and execute end-of-year projects to satisfy capital expenditure (CapEx) requirements?
  • Complete that nagging project on your list that never seems to fit into your schedule?

Whatever it is, large or small, please give us a call. The odds are pretty high that we can help you with your availability issue. And we will work directly with you because we know you have the ability and the knowledge that will help this be a successful relationship. Matrix Technologies’ goal is never to be a one-and-done project company. Our goal is to be a solutions partner for the long term.

Matrix Technologies is one of the largest independent process design, industrial automation engineering, and manufacturing operations management companies in North America. To learn more about our manufacturing operations management capabilities and manufacturing process control solutions, contact Danny Henderson, PMP, Operations Manager.

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Danny Henderson, PMP
East Region Operations Manager