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2022 Manufacturing Innovation Award Winner
Matrix Technologies,

Matrix Technologies is a 2022 Manufacturing Innovation Award Winner! ProFood World recognizes outstanding food and beverage processing and packaging innovation projects via the seventh annual Manufacturing Innovation Awards competition.

Matrix Technologies, Inc. has made a major shift in focus over the past five years to grow services within the wine and spirits industry. The move was primarily driven by a shift in the oil and gas market that Matrix had supported for decades. As those clients shifted their focus away from capital investments, Matrix needed to find a way to pivot while still providing that process-intensive skillset to our clients. “We realized quickly that much of our process and automation knowledge from the oil and gas and specialty chemical market as well as the food and beverage market, was directly translatable to the wine and spirits industry,” said David Blaida, President, and CEO of Matrix. “We were uniquely positioned to help an industry that was just in the early stages of huge growth”. The growth in this industry required more process and automation knowledge than had previously been necessary, so Matrix invested heavily into marketing and development of new clients. The results have been fantastic, growing from just a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue to over $20MM in 5 years. Matrix is now well known in the wine and spirits industry and has built many partnerships with clients and suppliers to continue to grow our ability to serve this growing market.

Click here to learn more about the enhancements that Matrix Technologies and Sugarlands Distilling developed.

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